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Who We Are




The Lighthouse at ILCC is a unique church in a unique community. The original Indian Lake Community Church began as the Union Sunday School in 1923. It evolved into a church in a few short years. The founding members were of many different denominations and traditions within the Christian Church. The result was the formation of a church from diverse Christian traditions. The Constitution and By-Laws of the Church reflected that position and continue today. The ministers that have served the church have also been from different traditions. We have a rich history and we are deeply rooted in our ecumenical heritage. We are proud to now offer the Lighthouse as a relaxed, family-friendly, come-as-you-are contemporary worship service to help all in our community come to know God's love. 

Contemporary Services – Sunday mornings at 11:00 am 

121 Orchard Island Road, Russells Point, Ohio 43348


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