Charitable Giving from the Heart
As a not-for-profit, Indian Lake Community Church does at times receive generous philanthropic support from individuals and families in this manner above their normal tithing or giving. These gifts are much appreciated as they come from the Christian heart of the donor and are received in-kind by our church and are used to enrich the lives of many through Jesus Christ.

Our church leadership: pastors, finance committee, and church board strives to be good stewards of these gifts and wisely appropriate them as needed to support worthy initiatives.

Here are several ways one can designate donations:

     • Give to our general fund

     • Give to particular fund(s) such as the Elders Endowment, Linda and Stu Hollanshead Care Fund   

       (ILCC Daycare), or the Memorial Fund

     • Start your own designated fund with your donation

     • Give to a specific purpose. In the past those have included facility improvements, service  

       expansion, choir robes, musical equipment, and community activities such as the Outreach  


     • The choice is yours to make. You can give in your name or your family name or we’ll certainly

       respect your request for anonymity.

You can contribute in a variety of ways including:

     • Personal Contributions - a gift of cash is the easiest way to give. Your gift to the ILCC is tax-

       deductible, as allowed by law. We will send you an acknowledgement letter for your tax records.

     • Planned Giving - many individuals provide for the long-term support through a will bequest, 

       trust, charitable gift annuity, life insurance policy, or retirement account.

     • Tribute Gifts - gifts to ILCC in memory of a loved one to honor someone’s life is a very

        personal and loving tribute. We will send an acknowledgement card to those you have named,

        and you will receive a letter confirming your gift. The acknowledgement card will not include

        the amount of your gift.

     • Stock Donations - gifts of stock—especially long-term appreciated stocks—provide benefits to 

       the ILCC while providing tax benefits which also benefits you.

     • In-Kind Gifts - Indian Lake Community Church accepts gifts for specific needs.
       Examples of these in the past are choir robes, bells, hymnals, and facility additions to name a


     • Special Events - several special events are held each year that serve as fundraisers for ILCC.

       These offer wonderful opportunities to provide one-time or ongoing giving.

     • Giving circles - these are small and informal groups with a few people pooling their money and

       giving it to a chosen charity venue such as ILCC.

     • Volunteer - take an active role in enhancing ILCC through volunteering. There is no greater gift

       than to give of one’s time.

In some cases, these gifts require a professional financial planner’s or accountant’s assistance. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact Frank Dietz of Edward Jones who is our church financial planner. Frank is a long time local resident and has his office in Lakeview. Frank can be reached at 937-843-4729 or

To ask questions or to learn more just stop by the church offices at 120 Orchard Island Road (offices are in back)
Call our church office at
Office Hours: Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

(Please consult a professional tax advisor regarding specific tax ramifications.)mifications.)

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